Monday, 29 November 2010

SQA Guidelines

The Impact of the Great War, 1914-1928

A study of conflict and its political, social, economic and cultural effects, illustrating the themes of conflict, change and identity.

Issues Detailed descriptor

Background Scotland on the eve of the Great War: political, social and economic conditions; martial traditions.

1. Scots on the Western Front

Voluntary recruitment; the experience of Scots on the Western Front, with reference to the battles of Loos and the Somme; the kilted regiments; the role of Scottish military personnel in terms of commitment, casualties, leadership and overall contribution to the military effort.

2. Domestic impact of war: society and culture

Recruitment and conscription; pacifism and conscientious objection; DORA; changing role of women in wartime, including rent strikes; scale and effects of military losses on Scottish society; commemoration and remembrance.

3. Domestic impact of war: industry and economy

Wartime effects of war on industry, agriculture and fishing; price rises and rationing; post-war economic change and difficulties; post-war emigration; the land issue in the Highlands and Islands.

4. Domestic impact of war: politics

The impact of the war on political developments as exemplified by the growth of radicalism, the ILP and Red Clydeside, continuing support for political unionism and the crisis of Scottish identity.

The significance of the Great War in the development of Scottish identity.